The Mother encouraged the children to rebel against the cruelty of the Father and the rebellion of the Titans that ensued was led by Cronos who was the greatest amongst them and in the battle that great battle that ensued, a drop of blood fell from Uranus to the sea where it frothed and foamed and brought forth the first of the new gods - Aphrodite - goddess of love - Aphrodite - born of the love of a Mother and the blood of a father shed in conflict with his children.

Even as Aphrodite came forth from the foam of the sea, a great scallop arose to carry her to the shores of Cyprus - forever known as the Island of Aphrodite - where she was met by the seasons in the form of beautiful girls who adorned her in fine clothing and jewels and as she was thus adorned so a great flock of doves thronged around her and they have forever been special to her and all who seek love and peace. Thus Aphrodite, goddess of love, was born into the world and there would never be anything more precious or adored or beautiful in the world than love and love is the nature of Aphrodite.

Later, Aphrodite was given in marriage by Zeus, King of the gods, to his brother Hephaestos who was the smith-god, the maker of weapons and maker of jewellery. He was well-natured but he was coarse and he was lame and the match displeased Aphrodite who was desired of all and desiring of many that saw her. Aphrodite took many lovers from the ranks of her adoring admirers and whilst deeply hurt and displeased, when he looked upon her, all Hephaestos could do was forgive her for greater than the hurt and greater than the humiliation and displeasure was the fear of not having her at all.

From her many unions, Aphrodite had many children and every child reflected some aspect of the nature of the mother - the nature of love. There was Eros who would pierce the hearts of people with golden arrows causing them to fall in love but the mischievous nature of Eros often made for the very worst of matches. There was Harmonia who would restore peace to war torn lands for Aphrodite would not abide in lands torn apart by war and she would return only when peace was restored and it was often the yearning for the return of Aphrodite from embattled and embittered hearts that made it possible for Harmonia to do work and restore the land to peace.

The Aphrodite Blend is deep and warm and contains just 4 oils -

Cinnamon which is the spice of Aphrodite for it enriches everything it touches - from meats to cakes from wine to sweets. Cinnamon is warmth to the spirit and comfort to the heart and it is the gift of Aphrodite to the world.

Frankincense which is the essence of adoration, contemplation and meditation - Frankincense is the offering of the world to Aphrodite

Ylang Ylang is the essence of love and the beauty of young lovers encapsulated in the most delicate of flowers whose fragrance is only truly released as dusk descends upon the world

Jasmine which embodies and enhances the essence of true femininity - deep and mysterious, powerful yet gentle, all pervasive yet unconsuming