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Over the years we have designed many ranges of specialist blends working with professionals in various fields to develop blends for use in their work. Here you will find links to all of these specialist blends including our own new range of "Olympic" blends - a work in progress arising out of a contemplation on the gods and heroes of ancient Greece.

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The Olympic blends Blends born of a contemplation of the nature of the gods and heroes of ancient Greece.
Astrology blends Blends to enhance the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses of each star sign
Moon Phase Blends Blends reflecting each of the four phases of the Moon
Chinese Year blends A blend for each of the 5 seasons of the Chinese year
Chakra blends A blend for each of the 7 Chakras and a Chakra Balance blend
Colour Blends A series of 13 Colour blends
Single (one off) blends A number of diverse blends commissioned by various professionals
Blend List Energetic blends - single list

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